Easily Grow Your Network Marketing Team, Without Home Parties or Hotel Meetings, Using this Obvious “Live Chat” Tool

Not long ago, I conducted an interview amazing woman, mother and entrepreneur…

Deanna is a stay-at-home mom of 8 children, who built a million-dollar network marketing business by effectively using a super common, yet woefully-neglected “live chat” feature on social media and what she discovered was so compelling, we immediately shared it with our entire community of network marketers and their results have skyrocketed!

And after you’ve read this post, you’ll be able to start leveraging this free tool to recruit faster and easier, all without ever having to leave home!

So here’s how this came about…

In 2013, Deanna started with network marketing, with absolutely no experience.

In her words, it was “ignorance on fire,” with a bit of a rough start.

After spamming people and overloading them with information… she changed up her approach and quickly hit six-figures in just six months in her network marketing business, after discovering the power of “live chat” prospecting.

But before we get start talking about this powerful tool, let’s take a moment to imagine this scenario…

You are looking to buy something online or looking for a solution to a problem…

So you’re browsing a website trying to find the product you want or might help you, but you either can’t find it, or when you do, you have questions about options, features, or even if the product is right for you…

And right when you’re about to give up, but just before you hit the red “X” on the corner of your browser to exit the page, a small pop-up box comes up with a smiling face named “Jenny,” who asks…

  • “Can I help you or answer any questions?”

How handy is that?

Now you can ask Jenny any question you need regarding the product, its features & options, or how to purchase it, all in real time!

Wouldn’t that make your buying process easier? …to have an expert familiar with the product you’re thinking of buying, answering your questions live?

Heck yeah it would!

In fact…

It's proven that live chat support increases sales and customer satisfaction

Picture your clients getting great customer service, and as a result, becoming more likely to buy from you today, and returning next time when they want to make another purchase of the same or of a similar product.

It’s a win-win situation.

People want instant gratification, and live chat (a.k.a., instant messaging) gives them exactly that, in addition to improving their buying experience.

Don’t believe me? Check this out…

Studies show that 68% of US online shoppers engage with live chat.

Also, 73% of customers are more satisfied with their online purchasing experience after using live chat.

People actually like and expect to have that kind of interactive engagement when purchasing online.

And as network marketers…

Social media can be an even better tool for engaging red hot prospects in a “live chat” format!

Social media is available 24/7, we can chat with anyone anywhere in the world, and we don’t even need to hire programmers to build us a website.

On the other hand, things can backfire for you very quickly, if you are not using social media in the right way.

Clearly sending messages on social media is not the same as having a face-to-face conversation.

That’s why real-time engagement and live interaction are so important.

For example…

Let's say you have a customer asking you for more information on your Facebook post, because you shared some results you got from your product or opportunity.

So you send them a private message on Facebook Messenger and give them a link to your website.

You wait and wait, wondering where is the sale?

How come they haven’t bought or joined you yet?

The answer is simple…

83% of customers need live support to assist them with their online purchase!

…and 62% of customers are more inclined to purchase a product online if they have a live chat support person guiding them through the process.

It makes the buying experience more enjoyable, fun, easier and results in increase sales.

Alright, this sounds all fine and dandy, but…

How does all of this apply to your Network Marketing business?

Glad you asked!

Because that's exactly what you're about to learn in this 4-step “live chat” recruiting process…

Facebook Messenger is like that small live chat box that pops up asking you if you need assistance when you are trying to purchase online.

Messenger allows you to chat in real-time with your prospects or potential customers.

But before that, you need to get people interested in what you have, otherwise a meaningful conversation can’t happen.

How can you do this?


Using something we call a “Power Posts”

Now, before I tell you what this is, know this…

Rule #1 of fight club—oops! I mean prospecting on social media—is:

NEVER mention your company’s name or product on your personal profile or in social media posts.

Instead, you want to create curiosity.

I know that stands against what you are probably being taught, but Deanna’s million-dollar earner status says otherwise, so stay with me.

Now, there are literally dozens of Facebook Post formulas you can deploy to attract dozens of prospects to you every single day…

In fact, at the end of this training, I’m gonna share with you how you can download a more in-depth social media recruiting guide, which covers all these types of posts and provides you with actual real-life examples used by 6-figure earners!

For now, though, let’s focus on…

How you can use “Power Posts” to attract prospects passively

An example of a Power Post is this…

  • “Oh my gosh, I’ve been using these products and I’m on this cleansing and fat burning system for 3 weeks, I’ve lost X lbs and Y inches and I feel so great. A bunch of my friends are joining me on this journey.”

Sometimes you could have a call to action and say…

  • “Hey, why don’t you join me?”


  • “Mention ‘me’ in the comments if you want more information or send me a private message.”

What do you do after this?

You take them to Facebook Messenger and ask them questions.

You could simply say something like…

  • “Hey Joan, I saw that you commented, I’m so excited that you want to join us, what was it that you liked or got you interested?”

And then you WAIT for them to respond.


If you start throwing out information or links to people on Messenger, or just cut and paste a long conversation, without bothering to ask them what is it that they are struggling with or what they actually need…

Then you’ll start seeing a lot of people blocking you or running for the hills and you’ll be on the fast track the “NFL” (No Friends Left) club.

The key here is to show genuine interest, interact, and engage with people that ask you for more information.

You want to be able to find out what that person truly needs, so you can offer them a real solution to their problem.

If you just give them a link and redirect them to another website, they’ll be less likely to click and buy from you.

Or it will simply prolong the purchasing process, which you don’t really want.

You need to meet your customers or prospects where they’re at!

Generally speaking, here’s the process you need to follow…

  1. Ask a question about what they are looking to achieve.
  2. Address their concerns.
  3. Tell a success story of someone in a similar situation who got results (or your story).
  4. Offer them the opportunity to share more about something that can help them with their problems or achieve a desired outcome.
  5. Take them to a live video conference call where you can share your screen.
  6. Assist them in purchasing your product or joining your opportunity.

But there are some caveats, in case you are a beginner…

What if you start chatting with them and you've got nothing to show them?

No results in your business, or no experience with the products they may need or want?

You probably know this already, but just in case, I’ll let you in a little secret, in network marketing it is important to have third party validation.

That is why Facebook Messenger is so great; you could use it the same way as a three-way call and get someone else in your company to share their results or experiences with a particular product.

We Call It Three-Way Facebook Messaging

Here's a tip…

  • “You can have someone from your team added to the live chat while you are talking to your prospect or potential customer.”

Let's say we discover the person has an issue with feeling lethargic and wants more energy, so clearly you're going to talk about a specific product that can help deliver on that result.

The perfect time to introduce a third party into your conversation is when you're about to tell a story.

That is when you would call someone from your team that is currently “live” on Facebook to join your Three-Way Facebook messaging.

You can say to one of your teammates…

  • “Hey, I got someone who is on, can I put you on a 3-way Facebook message, so you can tell your story about X, Y, and Z?

Awesome right?

You don’t have to say to your customer or prospect, “could we schedule some time Tuesday at 4:00pm to have the 3-way call?”

You can have it right then and there, immediately.

The crucial point here is to…

Keep control of the conversation!

Hopefully you would have trained your teammate to know to keep those chats short.

As well as knowing to mention which product he or she uses that relates to your customer.

If not, you could go ahead and tell your prospect about what product packs you would recommend to them.


If you want to stand out when chatting to your prospects or customers, do a mix of text, or voice dictation, you could even record a 10-second video and send it to them.

Make it engaging and interactive, have fun with it!

The interactive exchange is going to speed things up, because people will start to relate to you, they will see that you are real, and that you care about what their concerns are.

You will gain credibility; they will know, like, and trust you.

You could then assist them in their purchase or show them your presentation.

After the Three-Way Facebook messaging, you could easily say to your prospect…

  • “Ok Joan, this is great, I am so glad that you are interested, do you have 5 more minutes?”

Here is when you will redirect them to an online video conference tool like Zoom.

It would be very much like a Facebook video chat but with the advantage that you can share your screen to show your presentation or to guide them with their purchases.

That’s it!

Now you've become like the person behind the live chat support box you’d get on some clever websites.

Facebook Messenger is an incredible tool and it's here to stay!

A bonus of using Facebook messenger is that you can have a record of people who wanted more information from you; and you could casually follow-up with them without being ‘weird' about it.

Bottom line, take advantage of Facebook Messenger!

Use it to reach out to people as much as possible, and remember to mix it up when you chat to them to make it more engaging.

With social media, there are many things you can do—there are so many ways you can skin a cat once you get the invites, so be flexible.

Some people like the phone, some want to meet in person, some prefer social media.

Personally, I prefer this Facebook Messenger strategy because you don’t have to go anywhere.

You get to be, say, a stay-at-home mom (like Deanna), or a stay-at-home dad, or just a stay-at-home-because-you-dang-well-please type person.

You could even do this on your lunch break at work, in the “gaps of your life” without having to set aside a huge block of time!

You don’t have to physically go out and meet anybody!

And you can be very efficient with your prospecting, presentation, and recruiting efforts.

The beauty about what we are doing here is we have taken what's already being taught in Network Marketing, in terms of the fundamentals that work, and applied them to a different medium.

Which has allowed networkers to be more efficient and more effective, and also doesn’t require you to be away from your family when you're doing important things in her business.

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